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Building Up and Training School Support Teams

The Bottom Line program was created in 2013 to offer professional development to charter school administrators in the areas of finance, operation, employment law, and human resources.  

The Bottom Line also provides charter school staff and board members with Continuing Professional Education (CPE) opportunities for certified public accountants, Continuing Legal Education (CLE) hours for Louisiana attorneys, certification credits for the Louisiana Association of School Business Officials, and annual state ethics certification for public servants.

LAPCS not only provides training where I gain valuable insight, but they also do a great job of connecting me with charter school personnel throughout the state to create a strong network that I can reach out to when I come across various issues and challenges.


LAPCS Website Images (1) copy.png
LAPCS Website Images (1) copy.png

A signature program of LAPCS, Top Shelf was launched in October 2012 to enhance the capacity of charter school boards through recruitment and professional development. LAPCS recognizes the critical role strong governance plays in charter school success. The Top Shelf aims to foster connections among community members serving on charter school boards. We support boards by helping them increase their capacity to lead financially and operationally sound organizations that promote increased student achievement.

The Top Shelf: Pathways for Engagement

Board Bank

Through targeted outreach to local businesses and organizations, the Top Shelf identifies and recruits qualified professionals and community members to serve on charter school boards. To begin the process, prospective board members provide details on their interest and qualifications to serve. LAPCS provides our member schools profiles and resumes of qualified, prospective candidates to serve on their board. If there is a mutual desire to learn more about the service opportunity, board candidates move through the vetting process with the member school’s board. The LAPCS Board Bank is a book with over 60 trained board Fellows ready to make their mark in supporting local schools. To access the directory, please email Kevin Guitterrez at

Board Development

Serving on a charter school board is a great leadership development opportunity. The Top Shelf prides itself on offering relevant, meaningful professional development sessions to prospective and current charter school board members to prepare them for this critical work. In an environment where policy changes often, board members must be informed to fulfill their responsibilities.

Boards should also engage in annual board training to continue to refine their skills in supporting their school communities. LAPCS offers a 90-minute session underscoring the pillars of an effective board (see image below) as well as annual legal and policy updates. Contact Kevin Guitterrez,, today to schedule your annual training.

LAPCS’ signature governance training program is the Charter Board Leadership Academy, a six-month institute that explores the most critical issues facing charter school boards. By working with current and prospective board members, the CBLA also creates a pipeline of diverse and dedicated Fellows to serve as the next generation of leaders in Louisiana’s charter schools. The academy is currently offered annually in Greater New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and statewide.

On-Demand Customized Sessions

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Pre-Recorded Sessions

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Top Shelf Charter Board Interest Form

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Top Shelf Charter Board Interest Form
Top Shelf

Connecting Knowledge with Impact

The LAPCS Charter Board Leadership Academy is an institute that explores the most critical issues facing nonprofit and charter boards in order to improve and uplift the lives and outcomes of the youth in our community. Fellows will not only gain mastery in effective board governance but will also be better prepared to serve on non-profit and public school boards. For novice and experienced community volunteers, CBLA is an excellent opportunity to further your personal and professional development and strengthen your leadership and advocacy skills.

A Transformative Experience with Real Results

of Fellows

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have a greater knowledge of their roles and responsibilities as a current/future board leader

LAPCS Website Images (2).png

are better equipped to be an effective charter school board leader

LAPCS Website Images (2).png

have been given the tools to effect positive change across their school boards as a whole

100% would recommend the academy to others.

Who Should Apply?

  • Members of the public who have the passion, experience, and motivation to serve on charter school boards and who aspire to a leadership role on a public charter school board

  • Current charter board members

The Ideal Candidate has:

  • A passion for educational equity in the K-12 context

  • Professional and/or community leadership experience

  • An action orientation with a focus on results

  • A skill for collaboration and building relationships

  • High standards for personal ethics and integrity

  • Track record of successfully leading change efforts is a plus

As a CBLA Fellow, you will:

  • Participate in workshops on board leadership, board structure and practice, accountability, and equity

  • Build knowledge of the current education landscape and analyze examples of exemplary governance from experienced practitioners in and outside of your geographical area

  • Participate in networking and community-building events

  • Learn how to translate board leadership into real change

  • Have an opportunity, as a charter board candidate, to be connected with school boards in need of your skills and experience


  • Complete an application

  • Attend all scheduled workshops and meetings

  • Attend periodic networking and social engagements

  • Be willing to be included in the LAPCS Board Book available to local boards for recruitment purposes


  • Learn the practices and strategies that enhance the effectiveness of charter school and nonprofit boards

  • Connect with community and business leaders

  • Mentorship by experienced board leaders

  • Personalized board matching for new board members

Making Equity a Priority

The Charter Board Leadership Academy actively promotes and expands diversity on charter school boards. We empower community members to participate in the governance of our schools.

Questions? Please contact LAPCS Governance at

Leadership Presentation

CBLA poured into me…these months together have taught me to be open-minded, a better listener and to give back by serving.


Charter School Leadership Academy
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